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Business data is of key value to every company these days. As IDC estimates, we generate 7 times more business data than just 5 years ago. Given such a surge, IT solutions for storing, processing and sharing business data have turned into a must-have in the business environment.

The top 4 factors most frequently named in the context of the data loss include: equipment breakdown, data carrier failure, software error, power outage. Yet, the major reason for the data loss is different. The research by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International revealed that as many as 73% of companies participating in the study were affected by the problem of internal data security breach. What is more, 42% of the respondents admitted that their employees were resposible for confidential data loss. 19% of respondents admitted that they lost a mobile device with the business data in the course of a year.

“So how to protect your business data in the light of the aforementioned factors? First of all, select protection measures that are proportional to the value of protected data. Secure IT system is an absolute must-have, however either excessive thriftiness or extortionate investments are not recommended. Moreover, one-off activities will not do the job, since they only result in temporary security. Since the volume of data keeps growing, the technology responsible for storing and processing data is changing. Consequently, companies are obliged to systematically update their security measures and train their staff. Regular audits prove useful, since they allow companies to verify the current level of security” – Jacek Podsiadły, ICT Director at Infinite IT Solutions explains.

The contact point between the company network and the Internet network demands extra protection measures. Basic firewall is enough for SMEs, while large-scale companies require additional features such as anti-virus scanning or transmission control. Information security standards such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 are recommended to all organisations which demand constant, top-tier data protection.

Trial and error is definitely not a recommended approach in terms of selecting the data protection measures. Establishing cooperation with one of the companies specializing in the ICT security is a reasonable way out. Such companies offer the latest data security solutions at a reasonable cost.



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