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Rapidly growing economy of the UAE, stable population growth and trade expansion among other GCC countries, increase the demand for modern IT business software. Companies from retail, trade, food and beverages, freight transport and healthcare industries are ranked among the fastest growing sectors, looking to automate their operations and increase the market share.

According to the Business Monitor International “GCC invests the most on IT in the Middle East, while the UAE together with Saudi Arabia spend nearly 70% of 5 billion $ investments generated by the whole GCC.” Much of that money goes towards business-critical systems such as SFA/CRM.

Nowadays SFA/CRM solutions are one of the key tools supporting the performance of day-to-day activities of the area sales people. The mobile systems are designed to help sales reps manage their time at work and perform the daily tasks efficiently. Access to the complete market data together with the history of cooperation with stores become commonplace features.

SFA/CRM solutions on the UAE market offer significant functional capabilities. Collecting orders, managing special offers, conducing market research, taking photos, checking on the visual display of goods at stores – these are only some of the features offered by mobile systems. So which SFA system available on the Emirati market to select? What kind of evaluation criteria to follow in the decision-making process? Select the best mobile solution – yet, what does it  mean in practice? The most renowned system, the most popular one, the solution that is widely used in a particular industry? 

Current trends suggest that business processes and customer relationships in the UAE are different than in the Western countries, expectations from the local companies have also changed over the past few years, while companies are looking now more into cut-edge and comprehensive platforms.

Pricing is definitely one of the key decisive factors in the process of selecting the SFA/CRM vendor. While analysing the scale of SFA/CRM investment, the company should bear in mind not only the cost of license and implementation which is a one-off payment, but also maintenance fees which are usually charged on a monthly basis. Since the lifecycle of a mobile system in a company is on average 36 months, it may turn out that the monthly fees in particular are the key financial issue. 

Finally, it is worth noting that business needs defined at the stage of mobile system selection tend to evolve over time. Depending on the market shifts, it may turn out that there is a need for system modifications to be conducted by the SFA/CRM vendor on the basis of previously specified development fees. The cost of changes planned can vary, depending on their scale. That is why, it is important to make sure that the system is flexible, what would allow for updates to be run  smoothly in the future.




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