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Just like the introduction of the assembly line once revolutionised manufacturing, workflow management systems can redefine the document flow of UAE businesses. From the perspective of a single user, workflow is a task assigned which is the part of a whole project. However, in a wider view, workflow is an efficient and widespread method of team & task management within an organisation. Workflow is a mechanism which deserves a closer look and due consideration by every business entity looking to streamline its document-related processes.    

Literally speaking, workflow defines the flow of tasks within a company. With the workflow management system business documents are smoothly passed from one employee to another, following predefined internal procedures of a particular company. Interestingly, while defining a new workflow, it frequently turns out that some unnecessary stages of a process can be removed, so the implementation of workflow always gives room for improvement.

Workflow relies on assigning applicable roles to participants and defining business rules for selected files within the system. So instead of handling e.g. investment application forms or holiday request forms in paper and passing it physically from one employee/department to another, all documents can be instantly processed within the workflow system – no delays or lost documents whatsoever. Actually, the workflow system does not purely reflect the traditional paper-based document handling, it is about making this process more efficient. For example, some workflow solutions allow for performing activities simultaneously by workflow participants – as opposed to the sequential mode of the traditional paperwork, what shortens the whole procedure.   

At the time when data security becomes one of the top priorities to companies, the workflow system can be a reliable measure of access control. Businesses with workflow solutions fully control their documents by granting applicable permissions only to selected users e.g. permission to read a document, permission to save a document, permission to delete a document, permission to manage a document.  

What else does the workflow management system offer to your business? It gives extra visibility – so it is easy to see any bottlenecks, monitor progress and allocate tasks to employees with proper skills and qualifications in just a few clicks. Finally, the workflow system supports cooperation and communication between employees, what is particularly important in terms of large companies or enterprises with numerous branches and affiliates.




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