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Working offsite is typical for sales representatives in various companies in the GCC region. Given the overheads incurred by each sales rep on a daily basis (e.g. travel expenses, phone calls, etc.), more and more companies with mobile salesforce in the GCC decide to adopt SFA and CRM solutions, such as Infinite SFA/CRM Suite, that allow to measure and improve productivity of their staff. As IDC expects, in 2017 companies in the UAE alone will spend $6.2bn on IT – and mobility is named as one of the investment priorities. How Sales Force Automation systems can help your sales representatives sell faster and make informed decisions?– have a read.        

Lack of access to current sales data is named by sales representatives as one of the greatest challenges in their day-to-day work duties. Real-time stock levels, special offers, information about previous orders of a client, payments, archived documents – this information is simply essential for sales reps to establish fruitful relations with clients, run successful negotiations and offer competitive terms of cooperation. Gathering the aforementioned commercial data by phone does not solve the problem, since it take way too much time. Sales representatives using SFA/CRM solutions have all key sales data at hand, including: targets, calendar, KPIs, orders, tasks, reports, special offers, availability checks, returns, merchandising…        

SFA/CRM systems, such as Infinite SFA/CRM Suite, handle another important problem that sales representatives working offsite and their managers at headquarters used to face – repetitive sales-related activities, namely. Repetitive tasks, such as managing and processing of purchase orders, preparing special offers, conducting polls of clients, when carried out without any IT solution are time-consuming and error-prone. Retyping orders into the software at the end of a working day or filling in reports after completing all visits planned for a given working day become the past with the Sales Force Automation system. Sales representative can carry out all these tasks in real-time using SFA/CRM software installed on a smartphone.      

SFA offers a number of features for sales managers who can use the system to manage their sales teams efficiently, analyze their sales performance, control routes and monitor strategic market competitors – straight from the company’s headquarters. Data gathered hereby is a valuable source of information for reports and analyses.



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