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NTDE – the leading FMCG distributor in the UAE, along with its sister 3PL company – INL, decided to deploy Infinite EDI Suite to support its supply chain network.

Under the contract concluded, the EDI provider – Infinite IT Solutions – is to establish Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between NTDE Group and its business partners across the globe.

This means that transaction and transport documents will be exchanged automatically, hereby replacing communication by fax, email, and post.


Tapping into the power of EDI

Infinite EDI Suite, which works on a computer-to-computer basis, will connect the central systems of NTDE Group and its business partners. This way the parties will be able to send and receive transaction and transport documents instantly, via a dedicated EDI platform. This technological change is expected to introduce a number of improvements for NTDE Group, including:
  • Shorter order-to-delivery cycle
  • Processing more transaction documents in shorter time with nearly 100% data accuracy
  • Tightening business relations
  • Improving data security


Why Electronic Data Interchange?

NTDE Group opted for the services of Infinite IT Solutions given the provider’s experience in implementing EDI solutions in the Middle East and substantial business knowledge of logistics and FMCG industries. Being a cloud-based solution, Infinite EDI Suite can be used to establish EDI connectivity with business partners worldwide, so the solution is ready to grow with NTDE’s business.  



See how EDI platform helps <

companies close B2B transactions faster and cheaper?





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