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Ali Abdulwahab Al Mutawa Commercial Co – AAW Consumer Department, has entrusted the project of establishing EDI connection with its business partner to Infinite IT Solutions. With the EDI portal, trade documents will be exchanged electronically, thus removing manual document handling. Also, Infinite IT Solutions will integrate the EDI solution with the ERP software to ensure smooth transfer of business data.   

EDI communication at AAW Consumer Department

For organizations which exchange big volumes of transaction documents with business partners, such as AAW, the adoption of EDI is an important move towards increasing the productivity of B2B transactions. By definition, FMCG goods are to be delivered quickly and at relatively low cost. Given the increasing dynamics of the FMCG sector in the GCC, industry-specific IT solutions, such Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), become a must have in order to keep this formula and establish strong competitive edge - explains Mohammed F. Nosseir, ERP Project Manager at Ali Abdulwahab Al Mutawa Commercial Co.

Infinite EDI Suite will allow AAW Consumer Department to send and receive trade documents automatically, this way the Kuwait’s retail and distribution conglomerate will be able to process more B2B transactions in shorter time. Also, increasing data accuracy is an important reason for implementing the EDI platform. With advanced validation mechanisms transaction documents will not require additional verification by AAW employees, who will be able to concentrate on higher-value tasks. Moreover, mistakes that occur when documents are retyped, processed and validated manually, will be significantly reduced.

EDI integration with ERP

To avoid duplicate entry of data, Infinite EDI Suite will be integrated with the ERP system used by AAW Consumer Department. EDI-ERP integration will make it much easier to track any changes, ensuring permanent control of the transaction document status.

Going green with EDI

With sustainability and green economy being one of the major themes of Expo 2020 in Dubai, EDI adopters follow the "go green" initiative by reducing their paper consumption. As a result of the EDI project, AAW Consumer Department will cut transaction document processing in paper to an absolute minimum.



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