We are pleased to announce that we’ve signed a contract with Ali Bin Ali Group for the implementation of the Infinite EDI Suite platform. Ali Bin Ali Group is the one of the largest retail and distribution companies in Qatar.

The implementation of the EDI system will bring measurable benefits in the area of supply, sales, logistics and finance. Cost reduction, error elimination, acceleration of trade procedures, streamlining of payment flow, shortening the order processing time and inventory optimization are the key areas which company will improve thanks to Infinite EDI Suite (electronic interchange of documents).

Thanks to the implementation of EDI, communication between Ali Bin Ali Group and its business partners shall be improved in the exchange of necessary information for cooperation, such as orders, confirmations, invoices, etc. Moreover, the process of multiple data entry will be eliminated, what would accelerate the accuracy of information flow.

Infinite EDI Suite is one of the Infinite Paperless solutions that eliminates paper documents from communication between companies.



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