Nowadays, more companies strive to optimize business processes. One of the areas of savings is the transition from the exchange of paper documents with business partners to electronic communication. Time-consuming and costly daily operations like multiple manual processing of the same data in the organization's internal systems cause delays in the conducted activities and contain many errors.

Automating the flow of information in the company by replacing traditional paper document with the electronic communication system is now a modern way of running a business. Documents and corporate processes are important factors in the functioning of every business. Through appropriate approach and effective management, enterprises can significantly increase their value and benchmark on the market and improve the security of the most classified data. Infinite EDI Suite is the solution which offers comprehensive document management support and increases the efficiency of business processes of companies.

Exchanging documents electronically enables conducting business 24/7 (without the documents processing by employees). It also guarantees the transmission of high accurate data - not exposed to errors which translates to the improvement of the entire procure-to-pay/order-to-cash processes. Organizations need a stable and reliable partner who not only provides technologies but also adapts the service to the company's processes shares its knowledge about the industry and implementation experience. Infinite B2B Suite solutions are provided by the European service vendor with 17 years of international projects experience. Infinite EDI Suite enables to exchange - business, financial, logistics documents between business partners. The platform is seamlessly connected with partners’ ERP systems which enables fully automated document validation and information flow.

Benefits of implementing Infinite EDI Suite.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is favoured especially by organizations that perform numerous transactions with their trading partners on a daily basis. Numerous validation mechanisms make sure that trade documents are automatically verified and delivered without any delays. Digital document exchange improves the document flow and give immediate business effect e.g. improvement of business relations, minimization of the out-of-stock situation risks, enhancement of the supply chain process by the reduction of delayed deliveries. The Infinite EDI Suite platform provides companies with a competitive advantage thanks to fast and secure data transmission with every business partner across the world. It guarantees the automation of data processing throughout the entire supply chain document flow from the ordering process, through delivery to billing and e-invoicing.

IT systems work properly only when they are compatible with each other and create one synchronized IT ecosystem. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose an experienced partner like Infinite IT Solutions. The integration and implementation process will be fulfilled with guarantees of the best ROI.



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