Today, automating the exchange of documents with various business partners isn’t just an alternative it is business necessity, therefore it should be preceded by the proper analysis to minimize internal, external and technological obstacles and their eventual impact on the company's business.

To choose the right system integration/EDI provider which will help you achieve your strategic goals, read 5 key questions and answers:

1. What type of EDI solution will be the most advantageous?

An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution dedicated to your company profile and tailor made will provide the company with measurable benefits because it will be tailored to your individual needs. The advantage of this solution is scalability, by using the cloud. The business grows but the company does not have to invest into additional hardware/servers. Using the newest integration methods such as API would be the right call. The system integration partner should follow various integration methods to make sure it would match your business partners’ technical requirements.

 2. What is the pricing model?

Business is changing rapidly therefore while selection your future system integrator partner you should consider various pricing aspects. Make sure the pricing includes the cost of adding new types of documents/partners. The preferred model for majority of the companies is – pay as you go so companies pay for the actual usage. Make sure the provider charges per message not a line on a document (what is difficult to calculate and not attractive).

3. What are the benefits of implementing using EDI solutions?

Having EDI capabilities by a company opens many doors. It helps to improve the operations of the existing partnerships and also helps to get more customers and enter new markets/countries. By implementing the right EDI services by an experienced integration will help to have long-term strategic benefits increasing the prestige and competitiveness of the company. A company that opts for Electronic Data Interchange becomes credible to business partners and customers worldwide. Errors are eliminated and the data is more accurate plus processes are optimized and standardized what leads to ultimately to save time and money.

4. System integrator experience ?

By selecting your future system integrator, you should check his experience, competences and references to avoid problems at the implementation and post implementation stages, as well SLA standards and RACI matrix. Infinite IT Solutions was founded in 2002 and has gained a leading position in the field of system integration, documents flow, documents archiving, cloud computing and sales support solutions Infinite Paperless Suite - a comprehensive set of IT solutions that eliminate paper in business communication between partners and improve daily processes. The main activity is to support B2B integration using the latest IT solutions – like its own standards with API or other preferred integration method. Infinite IT Solutions have been working with more than 3 000 business across 31 countries to support business regardless of whether you are a small or global corporation.

5. How long will it take to implement the EDI platform?

This question should be asked during selecting the future EDI provider. At Infinite IT Solutions work more than 300 passionate IT experts, along with its experience and integration flexibility gained across various markets – the company supports more than 200 different file formats, all main international EDI standards as well many individual requirements such as P2P integration method. This along with its own API standards can guarantee that Infinite IT Solutions can complete implementation smoothly and ensuring the implementation quality.



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