Cloud BI system for advanced business analytics 


BI features including interactive dashboards, dynamic reporting, ad hoc analysis, microsoft office integration, spatial visualization 


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Infinite Bi Suite
Interactive Dashboard 
Interactive panel with reports and dashboards enriched with multiple visual elements. Business data presented within the interactive dashboard can be customized depending on the parameters such as job function, identity or role. You have a variety of features at your disposal which allow you to filter, drill or pivot data plus you can make use of numerous prompts and interactions which offer even more reporting capabilities. Thanks to alerts and navigation links you can instantly understand your business data and use it for efficient decision-making. The BI suite offers you the possibility of exporting data to Office formats, adding content for quick access via a browser/Oracle BI Mobile or opening a strategy map. Interactive dashboard in conjunction with Oracle Exalytics allows you to analyse massive amounts of data at the speed of thought.
Ad Hoc Analysis & Dynamic Reporting
The BI suite supports ad hoc queries so you can create reports from scratch and introduce changes to existing analyses herein. Since complex data structures sometimes pose a challenge in terms of their comprehension, the BI reporting tool presents all dashboards, analyses and metrics in a clear, intelligible way.
Microsoft Office Integration
Use desktop solutions, such as Microsoft Excel, to create ad hoc reports. Your business data can also work with Oracle Hyperion Planning, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management.

Spatial Visualization
Thanks to the Map View you can easily visualise any data with a spatial property - be it a country, province, address, venue, etc. Use one of the available editing options (color fills, markers, percentile binning, value binning) to present data on the map. 


All-in-one Solution
The BI reporting tool combines business data from various sources so scouring numerous files and analyses manually for a partficular piece of information becomes the past.

BI analytics


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