Major advantages of electronic invoice 


E-invoice suite supporting the most popular technological solutions including EDI, OCR, PKI. 


Cost Benefit Analysis showcasing the adoption of electronic invoice.


E-invoicing system gives a head start to trading companie on VAT introduction across the GCC. 


Testimonials received from clients using e-invoicing by Infinite.


Contact experienced e-invoice provider for a tailor-made offer.



Companies which switch from paper-based invoicing in favour of e-invoicing get rid of a number of everyday expenses that used to be incurred by paper

document handling: printing, mailroom, postal services, sorting. Thanks to the regular savings connected with the aforementioned areas you can quickly make up for the EDI investment. Run the numbers below and check your savings built up with e-invoicing.


 Save 7,7 usd on electronic outbound invoicing instead of paper outbound invoicing and save 13,05 usd on electronic inbound invoicing instead of paper inbound invoicing


Accelerate your pipeline with e-invoicing


Buyer (accounts payable) Supplier (accounts receivable) Manager

Sharp cost cuts (reduced expenses on accounting codification,

validation, dispute management, archiving)

Sharp cost cuts (no expenditures on print-out, envelope stuffing, mailing) Transparency of business processes

Quicker order processing

Faster payments Increased working capital
100% data accuracy Enhanced cash management Business compliance

Enhanced Accounts Payable processes

Enhanced accounts reconciliation

Going green

Fewer overdue payments

Business process optimisation Better supplier-customer relationships

Improved cash management

Fewer rejected invoices  

Faster dispute settlement

Improved customer service  
No duplicates    
Focus on the core business    

Better buyer-supplier relationships





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