Major advantages of electronic invoice 


E-invoice suite supporting the most popular technological solutions including EDI, OCR, PKI. 


Cost Benefit Analysis showcasing the adoption of electronic invoice.


E-invoicing system gives a head start to trading companie on VAT introduction across the GCC. 


Testimonials received from clients using e-invoicing by Infinite.


Contact experienced e-invoice provider for a tailor-made offer.


Invoice processing expenses cut by 90%, invoice processing time cut by 65%, accounts payabale workload reduced by 40% and on-time payments improved by 59%







The benefits of onboarding the e-invoicing solution have been noted by clients and employees of Caterpillar Financial Services Poland. In contrast to the paper-based invoices, e-invoices are always delivered on time without the risk of loss or delayed delivery of documents. Consequently, Caterpillar Financial Services Poland reported faster settlement of invoices. Moreover, employees of Caterpillar spend less time on issuing and distributing documents.


As our cooperation with INFINITE & DOCCA proved successful, we would like to recommend this company to the enterprises planning to introduce Electronic Data Interchange systems to their business, in particular EDInet PKI Adapter. All deadlines have been met by INFINITE & DOCCA. During the implementation process we could rely on their professional and timely assistance.


Experienced employees, technical and organizational skills are the guarantee of the top quality services. It is worth mentioning that the EDI services meet all security demands and legal requirements when it comes to the documents transfer and archiving. INFINITE & DOCCA is a business partner worth recommendation, especially in the context of long-term cooperation.



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