Major advantages of electronic invoice 


E-invoice suite supporting the most popular technological solutions including EDI, OCR, PKI. 


Cost Benefit Analysis showcasing the adoption of electronic invoice.


E-invoicing system gives a head start to trading companie on VAT introduction across the GCC. 


Testimonials received from clients using e-invoicing by Infinite.


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E-invoice statistics

In recent years electronic invoicing, or e-invoicing, has been gaining ground in the B2B channel worldwide with the estimated annual technology adoption rate of 20%. Given the recent introduction of VAT on all goods and services except basic food items, healthcare, education in the UAE, IT systems, such as our INFINITE E-INVOICE SUITE, have become an important part of the transformation, ensuring smooth adjustment of your business to the new regulations and administrative processes. Emirati businesses which today rely on the paper-based invoicing can step into tomorrow with a proper e-invoicing solution adjusted to their size and business profile.



To understand the full potential of e-invoicing in your organisation, it is enough to realise just how time-consuming and costly the paper-based invoice management is. In order to process each and every paper invoice, both suppliers and buyers have to perform a number of activities which become redundant upon adopting e-invoicing.


Description of paper invoicing process



Electronic invoicing eliminates the need to print and mail invoices






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