SFA/CRM system for sales reps, med reps, merchandisers, servicing staff 


Benefits of SFA/CRM system including continuous monitoring of sales targets and KPIs 


Wide range of SFA/CRM features such as calendar, multimedia, KPI, maps, GPS location 


Testimonials received from clients using SFA/CRM system by Infinite 


Top support package for SFA/CRM clients with maintenance, outsourcing, help desk and integration capabilities 


Contact experienced SFA/CRM vendor and get tailor-made offer 

              infinite sfa available worldwide           INFINITE SFA  is a turnkey solution which drives the completion of business strategy for specific markets, sales channels and expert teams thanks to:
  • supporting system users in the process of task planning and workflow management
  • monitoring sales results and predefined KPIs
  • boosting logistics which have a direct influence on the order processing
  • developing the distribution of own products and monitoring their availability on the market
  • improving relations with business partners and boosting their customer experience
  • managing trade marketing and customer promotions
  • conducting market research and competition overview
  • providing complete data and insightful analyses which are essential to efficient decision-making
sfa benefits
  • increased sales results thanks to the enhanced efficiency of sales team
  • elimination of lost sales opportunities
  • optimisation of human resources and expenses incurred by the sales department
  • efficient management of short- and long-term sales targets
  • staying abreast of the market shifts
  • better business positioning thanks to the continuous competition overview
  • using to the full the business potential of a company's target market
  • decision-making on the basis of reliable, up-to-date market data
  • developing relations with existing business partners
sfa for manager
  • increased business productivity - planning, assigining and controlling the team's performance with a single IT solution
  • evaluating employees' performance on the basis of KPIs
  • identifying and eliminating unwanted behaviour of employees
  • up-to-date overview of sales targets completion rates
  • staying abreast of the market situation on your sales territory
  • business decision-making on the basis of current and complete market data
Sales Representative
sfa for sales reps
  • efficient time management
  • no reporting at the end of a working day
  • elimination of manual work thanks to the automation of repetitive activities
  • providing better customer service to business partners
  • increased efficiency of sales activities thanks to the available multimedia and promotional mechanisms
  • systematic monitoring of sales targets incentivises sales reps to archieve bonuses
  • communication with a team leader and a company's headquarters by means of the internal communication tools


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