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User Interface
The user interface within the mobile app comprises the central element,
where it is possible to manage the sales rep's daily tasks. It provides
access to all critical sales intelligence and actions.
Selected options:
  • task list for a current working day
  • access to employees' calendars
  • performance overview for defined targets and KPIs
  • access to the business-relevant reports
  • all available modules presented in the menu
  • automatic remider about the data synchronisation
  • reminder about the system updates

The dashboard is the central place, where all crucial data is presented in the form

of graphs and widgets. Depending on the role permissions, managers can

instantly verify key parameters of their sales teams.


sfa dashboard
Selected options:
  • interactive graphs and theme widgets
  • sales targets and KPIs performance of employees
  • current sales results
  • distribution analysis and availability check
  • sales trends by key product categories, brands, products
Business targets comprise one of the primary parameters of productivity
evaluation of your staff. That is why, monitoring the level of targets
completion is essential to both employees and their superiors.  
Selected options:
  • various types of targets
  • defining the value of targets for an individual sales rep
  • monitoring the performance of a particular target
  • target forecasting at the end of the billing cycle
  • progress in time for a particular target

The calendar allows users to plan tasks in an intuitive way, offering

an intelligible presentation of how to schedule your time in an efficient way.

Moreover, the feature supports the synchronisation of events

from external calendars, such as the one used in your company.

sfa smartphone
Selected options:
  • 4 views available: daily, weekly, montly, agenda
  • sync events from external calendars on the mobile device (max 6)
  • task overview by timing (time scheduled / actual time spent)
  • highlighting tasks and activities depending on their status or type

Multimedia are add-ons to the trading offer used to make the presentation

to a customer more visually attractive. With the bank of multimedia,

a company can unify its marketing message as well as reduce the costs

of producing and updating printed materials, e.g. brochures.

Selected options:
  • processing photos, videos and other docs e.g. PDF
  • attributing files to certain products centrally
  • access to multimedia while performing other activity in the system e.g. making an order
  • adding selected multimedia types to the customer card

Key Performance Indicators are measures reflecting the quality of

work performed by the system users in the light of standards

defined by an organisation.

sfa with kpi
Selected options:
  • access to over a dozen ready-to-use algorithms of KPI calculation
  • defining standards for each KPI
  • monitoring the performance of a particular KPI
  • progress in time of a particular KPI
  • analysing trends in terms of KPIs for a particular employee, for a particular period

Maps appear in both the administration panel and the mobile app.

Maps in the panel provide the visual presentation of selected

objects (e.g. customers), what makes identifying blank spots

significantly easier. Maps available within the mobile app direct

sales reps to customers using the most efficient route.

Selected options:
  • customers meeting specified criteria (e.g. category, network) are presented on a map
  • verifying business relations between a customer and a particular sales rep, what facilitates the management of an area sales network
  • comparison between the route scheduled and the route completed by an employee for the purpose of verifying its optimisation
GPS location

The implementation of GPS in the system concentrates on two

primary areas: geocoding of customers and verifying the

location of employees when they perform their business duties. .


sfa with gps location
Selected options:
  • defining GPS coordinates for a particular customer
  • saving GPS coordinates for tasks and activites performed
  • measuring the actual distance of a sales rep from a customer's location while registering tasks for this customer
  • using GPS coordinates to present the location of customers and employees on a map

The system allows users to plan and manage all business-relevant

tasks, including: visits, orders and other sales-related activities,

such as office work, participation in fairs.

Selected options:
  • task planning on the basis of the employee's calendar
  • managing access to particular types of tasks for employees
  • configuring the scope of activities assigned to each type of a task
  • defining obligatory tasks

The system offers access to a vast array of customisable reports which

allow for an in-depth analysis of the gathered business data.  


sfa with reports
Selected options:
  • division of reports by topics
  • individual parameters for each report
  • data export to MS Excel or HTML
  • distribution of reports via e-mail to selected users
  • some reports available on the mobile device
  • BI analytics on demand

Orders are one of the most frequently conducted sales activites.

Due to their repetitive character the system needs to depict top

ergonomy coupled with the support of additional sales-related features.

Selected options:
  • making orders during a visit as well as via phone
  • defining key logistics parameters of an order
  • product listings, must-have lists etc. available within an order
  • modifying prices, discounts, units of measure for ordered items
  • special visual presentation of the selected items (e.g. new products)
  • access to special offers from the level of orders
  • defining order types
  • managing buffers and shipping options
  • electronic distribution of orders via e-mail, fax, other integration mechanisms

Visits are one of the most heavily exploited modules within the

mobile system which meets the needs of various branches,

services, products. That is why, the module depicts extraordinary

capabilities as far as its flexibility is concerned.  


sfa manages visits
Selected options:
  • configuring the scope of activities performed during a visit, depending on the sales channel, customer type and employee type
  • conducting a visit in steps
  • presenting the status of a visit and its timing
  • manager approves visits scheduled by a sales rep
Special Offers

Special offers addressed to business partners are an indispensible element

of everyday operations aimed at outperforming the market competition.

The mobile system provides all-round support in the process of conducting

promo actions, including their preparation, targeting the right

customers and summerising their performance.

Selected options:
  • defining various types of special offers through the panel (option available to admins)
  • handling different algorithms depending on the conditions of calculation
  • defining the target group of a given special offer (multiple criteria)
  • automatic verification whether a customer qualifies for a special offer; granting bonuses during a customer visit
Availability check


Checking the availability of goods on the market is a must-have stage in the

process of releasing a new product or conducting sales in the modern channel.

The module facilitates monitoring the terms of cooperation with chain

stores with regards to maintaining proper stock levels of particular products.


sfa availability check
Selected options:
  • availability check of products including listings
  • showing the development of numeric distribution (progress in time)
  • identifying shortages in the POS quickly
  • analysing the efficiency of intermediate distribution
Promotional materials

Boosting sales with promo materials is a common practice these days.

Depending on the adopted customer policy, these include various gifts

and freebies given to customers in return for the participation in a special offer,

but also as a token of appreciation for an extraordinarily big order or

as a product sample. Promo materials serve to maintain good relations

with business partners.

Selected options:
  • managing the stock card of promotional items
  • allocating certain number of promotional materials to an employee
  • registering distributed promotional materials during visits to customers
Polls are the core means of uncovering market trends. Thanks to the flexibility
of questionnaire forms coupled with the possibility of using multiple answer types, users can conduct polls on any convenient topic e.g. sales potential of a customer, competition overview.
sfa polls
Selected options:
  • built-in poll generator
  • variable model of polls
  • configuring various answer types to questions

The module is used by area sales representatives to register faulty

and expired products that should be collected from a customer.

Selected options:
  • selecting the supplier of a returned product
  • selecting a returned product and its quantity
  • defining the reason for a return
  • defining the day of a return collection and the space needed to transport the returned goods


Provided that business data is exchanged with an external ERP system,

the mobile solution can be used to manage payments with business partners.

Having an up-to-date list of terminated invoices, a sales rep can

collect debts during a visit to a customer.

sfa payments
Selected options:
  • preview of terminated invoices
  • registering a debt repayment - payment in cash (cash receipt)
  • registering partial debt repayment: the most terminated invoice/the most valuable invoice

The register of all expenses incurred by the staff guarantees an insightful

control of spendings of the whole team as well as individual sales reps.

The mobile solution offers the possibility of registering costs by type

together with basic information about the document connected with

a given expense.

Selected options:
  • configuring any cost type (fuel, office supplies, representation expenditures)
  • employees can register costs on the mobile device
  • configuring obligatory fields of the cost registration form
  • analysing expenses generated by employees by types


Merchandising stands for the verification of shelf layout standards.

Thanks to the merchandising module an employee can adjust the shelf

layout of visited stores to the company's regulations and instantly

report about the final visual display to a manager with a photo.

sfa merchandising
Selected options:
  • overview of visual display at stores
  • describing the undertaken merchandising activities
  • reporting the completed merchandising activities with a photo
Integration with External IT Systems

The data interchange between the mobile system and other IT solutions

used by a customer is a common practice since it offers full consistency

and synchronisation of data in all the company's processes.

Selected options:
  • recommended integration formats
  • compatibility with any format
  • compatibility with any communication channel
  • security of data transmission and storage guaranteed
Modules, Roles, Permissions


Modules, roles and permissions define the rules of access to certain

system features and the range of data presented to users.


sfa modules
Selected options:
  • parametrisation of features available to a company
  • defining roles and permissions
  • assigning roles to the system users


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