SFA/CRM system for sales reps, med reps, merchandisers, servicing staff 


Benefits of SFA/CRM system including continuous monitoring of sales targets and KPIs 


Wide range of SFA/CRM features such as calendar, multimedia, KPI, maps, GPS location 


Testimonials received from clients using SFA/CRM system by Infinite 


Top support package for SFA/CRM clients with maintenance, outsourcing, help desk and integration capabilities 


Contact experienced SFA/CRM vendor and get tailor-made offer 



sfa maintenance
Infinite guarantees its customers proper handling of failures in accoradance with the agreed SLA parameters together with the right to update the mobile system to the latest version within the licenses obtained.  
sfa saas
Infinite provides full infrastructure essential to proper operation of the mobile solution, administration services as well as hosting of the central application.
sfa customer support
Help Desk
Infinite offers comprehesive phone support. Users can notify about operational problems of the system they currently experience.
sfa/crm integration
Infinite offers additional integration services which allow for the electronic data interchange between the mobile system and other IT solutions used by a customer.


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