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Supply Chain in the UAE Pharma Industry



The UAE pharmaceutical industry is the second largest in the whole GCC region. Continuous population growth, the highest annual per capita medicines consumption together with the expansion of private health sector are the key drivers of the pharma sector. It is valued at US$ 1.9 bn.

The UAE relies heavily on imported medicines. Up to 85% of drugs are imported – primarily from Europe and India. In recent years the UAE government has made attempts to decrease dependence on imported medicines and promote local manufacturing of drugs by means of supporting joint ventures and boosting cooperation with multinational pharma players.




Given the government initiatives, the economic outlook for the growing number of local pharmaceutical companies will translate into the increasing number of drugstores and, consequently, the continuous growth of total sales. With the expansion of pharma supply chain, companies shall be looking for IT solutions to handle sales, transactions and the whole order-delivery cycle.



UAE is the 2nd largest industry in the GCC with 85% of drugs being imported


The pharma industry in the UAE can substantially benefit from Sales Force Automation (SFA) and e-commerce tools. The SFA mobile system dedicated for pharmaceutical companies allows medical reps to enhance business relations with doctors and offer advanced products in a very common way. Drugstores using B2B e-commerce platform can order products directly from their local manufactures, using an up-to-date online stock card. This, in return, contributes to a faster and cost-efficient delivery of goods.



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