EDI integration protocols used to connect business partners.


Key EDI benefits including over 20% faster order-to-cash cycle 


EDI features support efficient supply chain management 


Electronic Data Interchange makes transactions between business partners 100% paperless 


Contact experienced EDI provider and receive a custom proposal 


Distributors exchange invoices and purchase orders with suppliers, while distributors and retailers exchange invoices, stocks, purchase orders

What is Web-based EDI?   Who is Web-based EDI for?
Web-based EDI is designed to conduct Electronic Data Interchange through an Internet browser. Instead of using paper-based documents, your thorough document flow is carried out online. The web form contains fields, where you can enter all necessary data. Once all the relevant information is added, it is automatically converted into an EDI message and sent via secure Internet protocols, such as File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS), Hyper Text Transport Protocol Secure (HTTPS) or AS2.  

Web-based EDI can be particularly beneficial to small and medium-sized enterprises, where IT and EDI resources are limited. Companies are not required to install any EDI software or adopt ERP solutions. Web EDI enables small- and medium-sized businesses to create, receive, transfer and manage electronic documents using a browser. Business partners worldwide can easily connect without dedicating their IT resources to the EDI implementation.


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