Marketplace features supporting bulk purchasing in the B2B channel

Tangible benefits of Marketplace experienced by producers, distributors and final buyers

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Marketplace automates all repetitive business processes that used to be conducted manually and sharply reduces your paperwork. As a result, it maximizes the throughput of your purchasing requests and frees your staff for more business-relevant activities e.g. managing vendors, negotiating better deals. 


With Marketplace you give purchasing capabilities to your end buyers,

so the administrative burden becomes the past. You can concentrate

on managing your business now.  


Set standards of your purchasing processes - once and for all – and enjoy the ultimate process transparency. No hassle with onboarding new buyers, consistency between POs, no delays caused by missing or invalid data on a PO.


By eliminating manual processes and paperwork you reduce human errors,

inaccuracies or reworks.

Purchase Orders (POs) are processed quickly because all approvals are automated. 


Even complex POs are generated and submitted instantly. For example,

the system issues a single PO for items sourced from different vendors –

instead of separate POs for each vendor. 

Built-in auditing and reporting tools make managing your purchasing processes more professional and predictable.    






End users can purchase products directly, what shortens the order-delivery cycle.

Online commercial offer, detailed product data and a user-friendly search engine support you in finding products you are looking for.  

  Always up-to-date information about new product lines with individual special offers.  Access to the platform anytime, anywhere




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