1. Infinite Sp. z o.o. utilizes the so-called cookies to authenticate and enhance the use of the Site. Cookies are defined as small pieces of textual information sent by the www server and saved by the User’s browser. Cookie files usually contain the name of the server it was sent from, the time of storing them on Users devices and a unique number.

2. Cookies are applied by the majority of websites to improve the operation of a site, including:

• creating individual content viewing statistics,
• personalisation of services provided via the Site,
• maintaining users’ sessions,
• authentication of website users,
• providing website users with personalised advertising content.

Cookie files are not used to process or store personal data, cookie files do not enable to identify a user directly, cookie files do not introduce any configuration changes to a browser or an end-device. The user can change the browser settings with regard to cookies at one’s own discretion and can deactivate cookies at any time by modifying the browser settings. However, this may cause unavailability of or inappropriate display of the majority of websites.

In some cases, it is possible to set the browser settings in such a manner that a user is each time asked about the consent to use cookie files. This offers the website user more control over cookie files, yet can make the browser operation slower.