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    What is eCustomer Service?

    Act faster and more efficiently. Discover our business IT solutions. Our ECS platform will allow you not only to reduce paper consumption but also optimize business processes in your company. Here at Infinite, we are convinced that solutions for businesses must not only be hi-tech, but also tailored to needs of our customers. ECS is a platform that allows our customers to accomplish numerous tasks on their own. We offer a wide range of options for businesspeople. From access to and paying bills, invoices, to all documents in a single place, through access to cooperation history, monitoring the current status of services, to fast and efficient contact with the Customer Service. These, and many others, are the functionalities of the ECS.

    Benefits for your company

    Benefits for customers

    Customer service

    Increase in the quality of customer service. Access to every single document, its current status, boosting work productivity.

    Everything in one place

    All key data, documents, invoices and contracts in one place. Eliminating the lost document factor.

    24/7 accessibility

    24h access to the system and documents from just any device. The user-friendly and intuitive interface of the system means greater work comfort.

    More efficient work

    A 50 to 70% reduction of e-mail and telephone communications. Document handling can be completed in minutes, compared to the days/weeks of the standard document flow.

    Online settlements

    Settlements with detailed information on payments and submission of e-applications. Distribution of information from the company’s systems (contracts, statements, schedules, insurance, surveys, forms, complaints).

    A number of other functions for the company

    From marketing communication, to debt collection, providing both general and personalized offers, video calls and many more

    Benefits for customers

    What will Your customers get?

    • Savings

      Less paper documents mean operating costs reduced by 60-70%. From 12 to 22 PLN net savings on every single document

    • Faster execution
      Reducing the time of the entire document process by 85-95%. The document reaches the contractor as well as your system more efficiently and faster.
    • Data correctness

      The automatic document exchange, ensures 100% data correctness. Forget about mistakes. Enjoy proven data.

    • Safety

      Increased document confidentiality and security. The fraud factor is eliminated thanks to the advanced authentication process

    • Advantage

      Giving you a business, technological and ecological competitive edge. Your company is up to date

    Thanks to the eCS platform, the processes carried out in our company run faster and more efficiently. Fewer employees have to be involved in them.

    Automotive industry client


    What makes us special?

    Tailoring our solutions to your needs

    Dedicated solutions for individual business processes and customer needs

    Tailoring our solutions to your needs

    Years of experience

    Over 3000 implementations for companies from various industries, 18 years of experience in crafting business solutions.

    Years of experience

    Efficient system implementation

    Delivery of the finished platform in matter of minutes. An implementation that will be preceded by a thorough analysis for your company.

    Efficient system implementation

    Constant customer support

    Support at every stage of cooperation, including after implementation. A team of the best specialists

    Constant customer support
    central desktop

    Now everything's in one place

    The eCS platform will provide you with all the most important information in a single place. Fully digitized office, anywhere, anytime.
    – notifications of tasks to complete
    – your contracts at your fingertips
    My Invoices
    – quick preview of invoices
    Settlement balance
    – your expenses presented in a transparent, friendly manner
    – customer communication in one place


    What does eCS enable me to do?

    • submitting e-applications
    • settlements, including detailed payment information
    • distribution of information from your company’s systems (contracts, statements, schedules, insurance, surveys, forms, complaints)
    • direct contact with Customer Service
    • handling marketing consents, internal bylaws and regulations, internal messages
    • conducting information and promotion communication aimed at users of the site
    • soft debt collection – notifications of late payments
    • storing and viewing customer documents in the repository (e-disk, e-archive)
    • providing general and personalized offers
    • generation of document templates
    • signing documents: electronic signature, e-id, qualified electronic signature
    • Text message/MAIL authentication
    • digitization of documents based on individual patterns
      support for goals and KPIs
    • range of individual reports tailored to the needs of the customer
      secure video chat