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Data Automation

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    Electronic Data Interchange

    What is Infinite Data Automation Suite?

    Infinite Data Automation Suite is a system that allows companies to exchange business documents between your company and your trading partners. The platform replaces standard paper communications with electronic ones and connects supply chain partners around the world.

    The platform allows sending and receiving dozens of types of electronic documents converted into many different formats. Additionally, the system can be easily integrated with the company’s internal IT systems or used as the Web-EDI web application. Undoubtedly, the system facilitates optimisation of all supply chain processes. Purchasing and sales processes remain under control, so there is no need to involve many employees.

    Our customers

    Every day, 10,000 of our customers around the world
    uses electronic data interchange

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    Pros of the system

    • Rich functionalities
    • Data synchronization with business partners
    • Compliance with standards
    • You manage the flow of documents
    • Faster document processing
    • Service desk
    • Clear interface
    • Reduction of maintenance costs
    • Shortening the flow of receivables
    • Reduction of archiving costs
    • Reduction of dependence on postal services
    • Error reduction
    • You connect all partners
    • You fulfill orders
    • You manage the flow of documents in the company
    • Continuous and quick access to the document

    Platform functionalities

    • Support for various file formats
    • Preview to the history of operations on the document
    • Possibility of archiving documents in accordance with law
    • Ability to search for documents
    • Access to document processing history
    • Integration with any ERP system
    • Support for various communication protocols
    • The ability to track the status of documents
    • Status reporting (errors and correctness) in the documents sent
    • Support for various communication protocols, e.g. AS2, SFTP, FTP / VPN
    • Possibility to obtain confirmation of receipt of documents
    • Possibility of sharing documents with tax authorities
    Types of systems

    Web EDInet

    The Web EDInet solution is a competitive, yet low-cost way for small and medium-sized enterprises to exchange electronic documents with their business partners. The use of the Web EDInet solution, fully compatible with the advanced systems of the partners, enables the creation of documents (delivery notes, invoices, corrections, confirmations) using a form available on the website. There is no need to install any software, set up communication channels or perform additional format mapping.

    The Infinite Web EDInet solution offers the following functionalities:

    • Print and document history
    • Receipt of documents
    • Tracking document status
    • Creation of on-line documents
      (orders, receipts, invoices, correction invoices, confirmations and others)
    • Checking stock levels
    • Index translator (additional link between sender and recipient codes)
    • E-mail notifications of new messages or changes in their status
    Types of systems

    EDInet Communicator

    EDInet Communicator is a comprehensive B2B tool based on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology. Automatic communication for easy integration into internal company systems (e.g. ERP, WMS) via different communication protocols.

    EDInet Communicator solutions facilitate, among other things:

    • Faster document processing
    • Reduction of errors associated with manual data entry
    • Reduction of document storage costs
    • Constant access to the document
    • Lower reliance on postal services
    • Compatibility with trading partners’ EDI systems

    Service desk support system

    By choosing the Infinite Data Automation platform, you get a comprehensive service desk support system. We put the best specialists at your disposal. We offer the possibility of developing your system as well as ongoing assistance in technical matters. Infinite Service Desk is an automatic handling of notifications, reporting problems, assistance in connecting new partners and add-ons, advice on sending electronic documents.

    Service Desk

    Infinite Data Automation Suite in numbers


    Reduce the amount of administrative work


    Reduction in paper consumption


    Lowering your
    operating costs


    Improving business relationships with partners

    Data Automation Suite supports supply chain
    for every industry

    Schemat En Esign Przesylane Dokumenty


    We know that the movement of goods involves a huge number of transaction documents and the work of many people to handle these documents. Therefore, with our business partners in mind, we have decided to use the Data Automation system.
    procedure-to-pay process

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    and see how it works


    Frequently asked questions

    How to start exchanging electronic documents?

    Contact our specialists who will verify your needs and possibilities and indicate further steps.

    How long does it take to implement Data Automation in my company?

    From 2 hours to 2-3 weeks. EDI communication consists in synchronizing the system data of two contractors. The process of starting the communication will in some cases be very short, in others it may take up to several weeks.

    Will I be trained in the use of Data Automation?

    We provide telephone training on the use of the EDInet web platform. If you have any questions about our services, please contact our HelpDesk.

    Does Infinite provide a tutorial or video tutorials?

    Yes, we provide a complete set of materials.

    How do I save money by choosing Data Automation?

    The cost of the EDI communication service is definitely lower than that of traditional postal services. The most important thing, however, is saving employees’ time and reducing the number of errors.

    Is the Infinite Data Automation platform safe?

    Yes, the Infinite Data Automation platform is safe.

    What makes the Infinite Data Automation solution different from competitors' products?

    EDI communication is the primary service provided by Infinite. We place great emphasis on the quality of service. We are characterized by a flexible approach to the requirements of our contractors. We adapt to the needs of our clients, and we do not impose ready-made patterns, which often contradict the expectations of our contractors.

    Is it possible to resign from paper invoices thanks to the Data Automation system?

    Yes, a properly implemented EDI system allows you to resign from issuing paper invoices even in a situation where the recipient does not store invoices in electronic form. In this case, it is possible, for example, to issue an invoice on the portal from which the recipient can download the document after logging in, send the recipient a link leading directly to the issued document, or send an invoice by e-mail in a PDF file. In each of these cases, the recipient may print the received invoice and keep it in paper form.

    Can every company implement Data Automation?

    EDI communication must involve at least two entities that would like to send data automatically (from the system to the system).

    I want to expand Data Automation Suite with new functions, is it possible?

    The Data Automation platform is entirely written by our programmers and is constantly developed in line with changing trends and customer expectations.

    What solutions does Data Automation Suite provide me with?

    Transmission of files between systems, generating and receiving documents on the website, archiving documents, validating data (the system checks the correctness of documents in accordance with the requirements of law [applies in particular to fv], enables the creation of hybrid solutions using, for example, e-mail.

    How can I send and receive electronic documents?

    There are two forms of automatic cooperation (data is sent to / from the client’s system and manual via WWW EDInet).

    What documents does Data Automation support?

    All that are exchanged in the traditional form, i.e. orders, invoices, invoice corrections, delivery notes, order confirmations, delivery confirmations, payment advice notes, inventory avaliability, etc.

    Can I use Data Automation while abroad?

    The location of the company does not matter for EDI communication.

    What ERP systems can I connect Data Automation to?

    For almost all. Some systems, however, require additional overlays. List of the most common systems among our clients: SAP, Comarch XL, Tema, Asseco (including WF MAG), Impuls, Subiekt, Optima, Infopiek, Profipiek, Symfonia etc.

    How to implement Data Automation and what is its cost?

    The implementation of an electronic document flow system most often involves the need to integrate communication between the IT systems of entities willing to use this solution, although EDI systems are also available in the WEB version, which does not require integration with IT systems. To avoid potential problems, it is best to use one of the specialized solutions that are available on the market. The implementation of electronic document flow in the company independently, as much as possible, is associated with the need to create the appropriate infrastructure, servers, necessary software and appropriate security, which is much more expensive than the implementation of already existing and proven technologies.

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