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Top ten most popular FAQs

How much time does implementation take?

Our usual implementations are ready between 4-6 business weeks

What about our data security?

Infinite IT is an ISO 9001 , ISO 27001 certified IT Company that handles large business projects with extremely crucial data and hence IT Security has been our top priority.

You may ask What do Nestle, P&G, Loreal, Unilever, Samsung & Carrefour have in common ? Answer is that they all use Infinite`s IT Cloud for approved auditable additional data security

Where is cloud data physically located?

Our cloud data is secured in EU with utmost security and is available for your IT Securtiy audits at all time.

Do you have multiple approval options?

Yes. As businesses demand flexibility and operations keep changing in todays dynamic scenario, we have developed an engine that runs exactly as your current manual operations, changes included

How much you charge?

There is no single answer to this as each businesses IT setup & demands are different, but we have a large portfolio of SME`s, Start-ups & MNC`s that found our solutions costing lesser than printing papers.

What makes Infinite Solutions different from any other products?

Infinite IT Solutions is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions. We empower companies of all sizes with proven Automation & Digital integration solutions and strategies that will help you maintain your competitive edge.

Do you have any system or video to showcase how exactly the EDI/Data Automation works?

Yes we do. Please subscribe to our youtube channel to stay updated

Is it obligatory to archive e-invoices in electronic form?

In a bid to go fully paperless by 2021, the UAE Government is digitising transactions and documents by accepting ePayments and digital invoicing.

Is it possible to send e-invoices through the platform and resign from paper invoices?

Yes, the law allows replacing paper invoices with e-invoices, it can be processed automatically and is a quick and convenient way to bill customers

Would it be difficult to implement the Data Automation Suite technology in my company?

Data Automation can be implemented in a very short period, depending on the project scope. Data Automation implementation depends largely on the type of solution being implemented as well as the scale of the trading network it is being used to support.

Unlike substantial technological projects, like ERP implementation, Data Automation Implementation is not much difficult and can compete in a relatively fast timeframe. Though, this will depend on the scope of the Project.

Is it possible to exchange documents with foreign business partners?

Yes, Data Automation technology is used worldwide. Infinite assures coverage of all the processes in your supply chain regardless of country of operation or business partner.