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Infinite eSign it’s a electronic signature used by thousands companies everyday. Ideal solution for remote work. Sign all documents faster anuwhere and anytime. Complete your transactions in few minutes.

    Electronic signature for your company

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    Improve your work, sign documents in 3 minutes

    Electronic signature choosen by thousands of companies

    Infinite eSign enables the entrepreneur to electronically sign any documents.. The signature is made in accordance with the law via a web platform or a mobile devices (tablet, mobile phone). You can done your work faster and easier. Sign all kinds of documents, from sales contracts, invoices, offers and many others.

    Let’s see how it’s simple: choose documents you want to sing – upload – sign by sms or email verification – enter code – everything’s done – you and your client get confirmation via email or mobile phone

    Infinite eSign benefits

    Boost your business, try #1 electronic signature in GCC

    It is a necessary tool in running business, we sign any document wherever we are in a few minutes. The solution gives us many possibilities, because we can sign both using the web, and a smartphone, or choose the option of signing on a tablet using a pen. We can forget about a heap of documents that often get lost.

    All documents are secured

    Each document and signature are secured with a digital certificate. The signature is invalid, if the document is changed, also it cannot be copied, since each required site must be signed separately.

    Quick and comfortablec document signing process

    You can sign the document chosen in only a few minutes from any place and at convenient time.

    Sign all types of documents

    Contracts: sales, purchasing, orders, NDA and others, transfer reports, investment applications, HR documents: vacation applications, employment contracts, delegations, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, reports, statements and many other documents.

    Business processes implemented faster

    The contract signing process is much faster, we don’t have to send too many documents and exchange copies.


    You don’t have to print heaps of documents, appendices, additional copies. Document printing implies significant annual costs, with e-signatures we save not only money, but also time.

    main features of esign

    Meet funcionalities of Infinite eSign

    • You can upload any document in PDF format for signature
    • You indicate multiple signatories, which means one document can be signed by several people
      Confirmation shall be made via sms or email
    • It is possible to sign a contract via a tablet, or a mobile phone. All this without installing additional applications or tools
    • Easy integration (API) – easy integration with systems and possible adaptation with an existing business process
    • Signed documents go into Infinite Safe’s secure archive. Keep all your documents in one place
    companies that trust us

    They use our solutions everyday

    The implementation has been carried out properly. Currently, the department uses Infinite e-Sign solution, among others, when concluding contracts
    ministry of health
    example of implementation: telecom company

    Global mobile phone operator choose eSign

    Orange makes it possible to sign a contract on a tablet at all of its outlets – both those of its own, and those of its partners. The operator claims that signing a contract on a tablet is not only faster, but also more comfortable than printing and signing a piece of paper. A copy of a contract signed is additionally sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer immediately. There is no need to take home a heap of paper, which will be kept somewhere on the bottom of a drawer. So far the tablet signing option was chosen by 760 thousand people, which helped the operator save 4.5 million paper cards. As claimed by Orange, to produce this amount of paper, 400 trees would have to be cut down — and this is more less what can be found “on a hectare of a well developed old forest.

    how infinite esign platform look like?

    Convenient interface, documents signed in a few minutes

    The Infinite eSign platform is a convenient and clear interface, so you can sign documents instantly from your computer, smartphone or tablet. The whole process is just a few steps. Without leaving home, a secure solution for you. With our platform you have all your documents in one place.

    sign documents via computer or mobile

    eSign via www - recommended

    One of the most popular electronic signature forms is using a www platform and a smartphone. This solution is very often chosen by entrepreneurs, because they may finalize transactions in a few steps. In this case, the credibility of the parties may be confirmed by a text message code sent to a phone, by using a business e-mail, a scan of an identity document, a bank transfer, and also by logging-in to the system of a bank, or even by comparing one’s face with a document via a webcam. We can sign any document in a few minutes.

    • Compliance with the law
      A contract concluded through the web platform is valid and binding for both parties
    • Availability
      The customer can confirm the transaction from any location
    • Benefits for clients
      Signed documents go to his email address without printing
    • Benefits for your company
      Quick and secure confirmation of the terms of a remote transaction. Definitely less printed paper. Customers are well informed about the terms and conditions of the services provided.

    Let's see how it works - eSign www

    Electronic signing of documents using a web-based platform. See in the diagram below how it works. Remember that you can use this solution also via your mobile phone. It’s the fastest way to sign documents you need

    electronic signature on tablet

    eSign on a tablet

    A document can be signed with a bio-metric signature by means of a device with a bio-metric layer, namely a tablet. In this case, with bio-metric characteristics recorded, the author can be quickly verified, or excluded from any signature. This is much easier and faster than analyzing a signature made on paper. To sign a document in this way, a tablet and access to a platform are enough. This solution is often chosen by sales outlets, medical facilities, courier companies, sales representatives.

    technology and safety

    Simple confirmation via sms or email

    You can confirm both by e-mail, and a text message, the platform supports desktops and mobile devices

    examples of usage

    How business sectors use Infinite eSign electronic signature?



    An employee of the HR department prepares an employment contract and any necessary appendices.
    The person employed becomes familiar with the documents and signs them on a tablet.
    The contract signed by both parties along with its appendices is transferred to an e-archive, and to the e-mail address submitted.



    During a planned meeting, a company’s representative presents their offer and contractual terms.
    Both parties sign the prepared contract.
    The signed document is transferred, to the e-mail address submitted, or to an e- archive.



    An employee sets parameters in the CRM system, and generates a document for the Client in PDF
    The employee opens the document automatically sent to a tablet, presents the tablet to the customer, and signs it
    The client reads the contract, checks the consents, and possibly completes any boxes required
    They sign the document on the tablet
    The Parties receive the signed document to their e-mail address, or it is available in an e – Archive



    In a car, there is a QR code with data, which should be scanned.
    The data is read out to the handover report form.
    The renting party enters their data, and signs the prepared acceptance report on a mobile device.
    The signed document is sent to the e-mail address, or to an e- archive.
    When the car is returned, the QR code is scanned again, and the representative verifies whether everything is ok.

    Can an electronic signature be used as an evidence in a court of law?

    Each electronic signature – not only the qualified type – can be used as an evidence in a court of law. Moreover, no electronic signature can be considered unacceptable as evidence in a court procedure only because this signature is in the electronic form, or because it fails to meet the requirements for qualified electronic signatures.

    Can several people sign a single document?

    Several signing parties can be indicated, namely a single document may be signed by several people

    Can electronic signatures be used abroad?

    YES, use it wherever you have access to the Internet. In addition, our solution matches the laws of the EU, the solutions have also been used by businesses in Brazil, Turkey, and in the Middle East.

    Is any electronic signature equivalent to a written one?

    In accordance with the legal regulations, when a written signature is required under pain of invalidity, only a qualified electronic signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature. Oftentimes, it can be made in the mobile form, using a mobile or computer application.

    Who can sign electronically?

    An electronic signature can be made by any natural person, in any manner

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