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ZATCA e-Invoicing 2nd Phase

- Guidebook for companies

Our team of specialists have created this ebook especially for companies from Saudi Arabia. You can find there: requirements, opinions, essential information and advices for entrepreneurs. You need to know that in the KSA, ZATCA, or the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority announced the regulations that made it mandatory for businesses to shift to e-invoicing. For those who pay VAT in KSA, the format of e-invoices will be similar to the VAT invoices issues but will be created online. All invoices and notes have to be issued through e-invoicing compliant systems and have to adhere to the ZATCA’s regulations.

In ZATCA 2nd phase ebook you can find:

  • expert tips
  • opinions
  • requirements
  • important dates
  • ZATCA technical specifications
  • newest updates

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