Canpol Sp. z o.o. SKA, the producer of Canpol babies and LOVI brands, is the leader of accessories for infants and babies up to 2 years old. The company has been addressing the needs of children and their parents in over 40 countries for 25 years now by providing them with a wide array of feeding, care, welfare, play and safety products. Aside from significant experience and market knowledge, specialised laboratories, modern production lines and contemporary design comprise undeniable assets of the company.

Industry: FMCG
Country: Poland

Before implementation

Canpol runs extensive trading activities which encompass both traditional and modern sales channels. The company conducts its domestic and international sales via distributors, but also processes orders for retail chains such as Auchan, Rossman and Super-Pharm itself.

Sales activities for small-scale entities, including pharmacies, are carried out through the chain of 11 distribution centres. In order to run efficient sales Canpol used to use a mobile system, yet the then solution demanded substantial developmental works so as to update the application to the technological and business standards, what was connected with significant financial expenses.

The key criterion for selecting the system provider was the versatility of the mobile solution being compatible with various devices available on the market.

Canpol was invited to select the devices for sales people on its own, what contributed to substantial savings. Furthermore, certain mechanisms available in terms of INFINITE SFA that allow for the parametrisation of the app according to technological and business needs of Canpol contributed to adopting the solution offered by Infinite.

Company requirements

Canpol required a technologically advanced mobile solution that would be more competitive than the costly developmental works of the system used then as well as would allow the company to achieve the business goals set for upcoming years. The change of SFA system provider was motivated to a large extent by the attempt to lower fixed costs, what would facilitate investments in other sales-related areas.


The schedule of deployment, tests and trainings was agreed 3 months before the final system launching. During this time all implementation and developmental works were conducted so as to integrate INFINITE SFA with the ERP system used by Canpol which comprises the data source for the mobile system. It is worth noting that the customer has been using INFINITE EDI connector which supports data interchange between Canpol and its business partners for some time already. As a result, some mechanisms of data interchange operating within the EDI app were implemented during INFINITE SFA deployment.

Four sales representatives from Canpol participated in a month-long pilot phase. All notifications and suggestions regarding certain features of INFINITE SFA were adjusted according to the customer’s expectations on short notice.

Significant efforts of Infinite employees allowed for an updated version of the application to be developed quickly. Consequently, the sales team of Canpol started operating on the final version of the system in accordance with the initial schedule.

After implementation

INFINITE SFA has been used in Canpol since 01.10.2014. Changing the mobile system allowed Canpol to generate substantial savings and, simultaneously, provide top customer service. The comprehensive package of services provided by Infinite encompasses:

  • system maintenance
  • help desk
  • integration networks maintenance
  • business process and infrastructure outsourcing

With INFINITE SFA data interchange between the application and Canpol headquarters is accelerated, what contributes to faster order processing. Overall, all logistics processes (order-to-cash) have been optimised.

With INFINITE SFA Canpol sales representatives spend less time reporting about tasks performed during the day. Thanks to the mobile system, Canpol could resign from additional reports by a telephone operator, which used to inform about a GPS position at the beginning and at the end of the route, because this data is available from the mobile system. Not only does this comprise a source of extra savings for the company, but it also allows to keep important analytics in one location.

The GPS module enables Canpol managers to analyse the routes of sales people and swiftly identify blank spots on the map. Fast configuration of the app supports efficient data collection, while sales-related and marketing features constitute a reliable source of information about market trends.

”INFINITE SFA fits our current business needs and guarantees an optimum benefit-cost ratio. The development potential of the system is also worth noting, since it offers vast possibilities of applying it for new business processes.”

– Ewa Białowąs, Sales Director