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Success Stories

Wave 1 e-Invoicing Success Stories – Tamimi Markets

Tamimi Markets is one of the fastest growing and highly preferred supermarket chains in Saudi Arabia, named as a Top 100 Saudi Brand, 5 times in the past 6 years. They carry the finest local plus imported international brands, and a wide selection of quality merchandise at competitive everyday low prices.

With a large operation of more than 45 stores in various locations in KSA, Tamimi required an e-Invoicing solution provider that can seamlessly accommodate over 6 million B2C invoices and over 1 million B2B invoices monthly.

Being one of the pioneers in paperless data automation solutions, Infinite developed an e-Invoicing Suite that has the capacity to convert such high-volume documents into ZATCA compliant invoices and transmit them within real-time clearance guidelines for B2B tax invoices and 24-hour reporting for B2C simplified invoices. This is alongside generating new Phase 2 requirements such as UBL, UUID, cryptographic stamp, secured hash, and the response from the Fatoora Portal.

To establish a stable connectivity and optimal transmission with Tamimi’s SAP ERP and NCR POS, REST API for B2B invoices and SFTP for B2C invoices have been selected. Integration was swiftly completed however part of the implementation challenges include various development and modification of invoice data contents and structure that match both ZATCA specifications and Tamimi business needs. This included new updates and rules that ZATCA has announced over the past few months which the teams needed to adapt to. Nonetheless, the tight collaboration between Infinite and Tamimi teams have allowed relentless progress on the project regardless of any hurdles that arise.