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Infinite IT Solutions at the first Middle East E-invoicing Exchange Summit Dubai 21-22 February 2023

E-Invoicing has become an important topic around the world. With the new government initiatives ahead, a diversity of challenges need to be faced and E-Invoicing is being implemented at a very fast pace in order for governments and companies to benefit from significant cost savings and to enhance compliance.

Taking into account this global roll-out, the market demands for a platform to exchange best practices, new ideas and opinions on E-Invoicing as well as topics that go beyond. The evolution now directs us to full AP/AR process automation, E-Supply Chain Financing and towards a real-time economy.

During upcoming E-invoicing Exchange Summit in Dubai (21-22 February) you can also meet our team. Our GCC Area Manager and great specialist – Lukas Spirala will be talking about e-invoicing experience and present einvoicing case study at Aswaaq Retail. On stage with Manoj Vijayan – Director Innovation & Technology from Aswaaq Retail.

Aswaaq’s vision to be benchmarked as a world-class retailer in the region, has become closer to their grasp as they pursue digital transformation in Supply Chain document exchange and Accounts Payable automation – in collaboration with Infinite IT Solutions.

We will explain how in practice become a paperless organization and how it looks based on the Aswaaq’s experience. Introducing participants the platform which allows paperless workflows in the supply chain, wherein all documents involving processing orders (e.g., PO’s, dispatch advices, return notices, invoices, credit notes, master) are made, accessed, updated, verified and processed digitally in one dedicated portal for Aswaaq and its suppliers. The initiative eliminates the tedious and error-prone methods of manually reconsolidating invoices and fully automating the accounts payable process.

– said Lukas Spirala, GCC Area Manager, experienced specialist in digitization

Participants of E-invoicing Exchange Summit will learn how to:

  • Onboard new suppliers and improve the communication with them
  • Use E-Invoicing as a platform to introduce early payment discount programmes
  • Increase automation rates in the reception and processing of invoices
  • Move the E-Invoicing focus from cost saving to customer service excellence
  • Process E-Invoices in a tax compliant way
  • Archive e-invoices following the local tax/legal regulations

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