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ZATCA E-invoicing requirements top 20 questions and answers video. The first episode of our Digital Middle East talk

The Saudi government has introduced several initiatives to digitize the economy and promote e-invoicing. One such initiative by the ZATCA (Zakat Tax and Customs Authority) is to digitalise the way invoices been issued and reported. The Saudi government introduced the first phase wave in 2021, while the second phase is to start on January 1, 2023. In this video we answering top 20 frequently asked questions by our customers, we also sharing how you can implement each of ZATCA E-invoicing Phase 2 Requirements for your business.

Our e-invoicing specialist Ammar Hamednalla is answers frequently asked questions. where viewers can learn more about e-Invoicing requirements, benefits, implementation and upcoming phase. We’re greatly committed to explain ZATCA E-invoicing topic and resolve all doubts.

In our day to day work we meet with people who feel lost with new ZATCA requirements and looking for guidance on what to do where to start. Entrepreneurs are hungry for knowledge. With our new video series, we are sharing our experience with companies.

– said Ammar Hamednalla

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